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Mountain Biking Techniques and Skills

The following Basic Mountain Bike Tricks and Techniques are essential for you to learn when you are a Beginner Mountain Biker or just started Mountain Biking. For the Advanced Mountain Bikers, this section is a good refresher. This section tells you exactly how to mount/dismount your bike, how to make corners, how to shift gears, how to use your breaks, how to manage your weight distribution and many things more. Of course, all these are not learned overnight but riding your Mountain Bike frequently will certainly help a lot.


Mountain Biking - Basic Techniques

This covers the fundamental techniques in Mountain Biking. You might already know those but it's also good to refresh your memory every now and then. Read on.

Mounting/Dismounting a Mountain Bike

Now that you have learned the basic techniques of Mountain biking, the next step is for you to learn the proper, efficient, and safe way of Mounting and Dismounting your bicycles.

Mountain Bike Handling

Remain safe while on track by handling your Mountain Bike properly. This section covers some basic guidelines that you need to remember whenever you go Mountain Biking.

Mountain Biking - Gear Shifting

There are so many things to consider when it comes to mountain bike gear. More so on how to do a bike gear shift. This section deals with the importance of multiple gears and the basics of Gear Shifting.

Mountain Biking Terrains

Be familiar with the various types of terrain that you may encounter on the trail. Read this section to learn the different terrain types as well as the basic skills you need in dealing with them.

Mountain Biking - How to Use your Brakes

Brakes are probably the second most important part of the Mountain Bike. You need to know how to properly use them so you can use it for a long period of time and also for you to be able to ride faster.

Mountain Biking - Pedaling Techniques

Another factors you need to know are the Techniques for Pedaling a Bike. You can know more about the proper use of your bike pedals to achieve maximum energy transfer in this section.

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Mountain Biking - Cadence

Cadence is the speed of pedaling. The right cadence will help you determine whether you can go uphill or you will just fall backwards. Learn more about bike cadence in this section.

Mountain Biking - Weight Distribution

Shifting weight to the sides is enough to turn the direction of your bike. That is why the right amount of weight distrbution is necessary so that you know how to control your bicycle.

Mountain Biking - Climbing

Climbing in Mountain Biking is inevitable. Proper techniques of Mountain Biking is necessary to avoid any accidents. So wear your mountain bike helmets, read on, and learn how to Climb safely.

Mountain Biking - Descending

The Descent is maybe the most fun and exciting part of Mountain Biking but a wrong move can result to an accident. Learn how to properly Descend in this section.

Mountain Biking - Cornering

Properly taking a corner may be the difference of winning or losing the race. This section deals on how to properly do Cornering so you can have the edge the next time you compete.

Mountain Biking Tricks

Tired of the usual stuff that you do with your bike? Try to learn a few tricks by reading this article. You'll never look at your bike the same way again.

These are just some of the techniques in Mountain Biking. We hope we are able to encourage you to try this sport. You can find out more about Mountain Biking in the succeeding sections.

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