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Mountain Biking Clothes & Gear

In this section we tell you what Mountain Biking Clothing you need to wear while Mountain Biking. Although having the looks is also quite important, the functionality comes first in Mountain Bike Specific Clothing. The reason for this is that it will result in increased enjoyment and performance. Almost all Mountain Bike Apparel are made of high performance materials, meaning that the fabric is light and removes moisture from the skin and transfers it to the outer layer of the material where it can dry quickly and easily. The result is a happy, cool and dry mountain biker.

Mountain Biking Clothing Mountain Biking Clothing
There is a large choice of Mountain Bike Clothes in the shop or the internet to choose from. Your preference matters but of course, you should not forget about functionality. Check this section for some requirements when it comes to Mountain Biking Clothing.

Mountain Biking Helmets Mountain Biking Helmets
A Mountain Bike Helmet is probably the most important Mountain Biking accessory a rider must possess. Always choose a helmet that fits your head comfortably. In this section, take a look at some guidelines when buying Mountain Bike Helmets.

Mountain Biking Glasses Mountain Biking Glasses
Glasses are more than a fashion statement as one would think. Mountain Biking Glasses offer protection from dust, wind, insects, and any foreign objects that can enter your eyes while mountain biking. Read more about Mountain Bike Glasses in this section.

Mountain Biking Jerseys & Jackets Mountain Biking Jerseys & Jackets
Mountain Bike Jerseys and Jackets are an essential part of your Mountain Biking Gear. They should keep you warm, dry, and cool. So make sure that whatever jersey or jacket you choose to buy, the materials they are made from meet the Mountain Bike Clothing Requirements.

Mountain Biking Shorts Mountain Biking Shorts
Shorts can also be worn during Mountain Biking. Cycling Shorts are very important since they offer protection from chafing. In the following section, a few types of Shorts outlined are commonly used in Mountain Biking. Read more about it in this section.

Mountain Biking Shoes & Socks Mountain Biking Shoes & Socks
Attaching your feet to the pedals is something that beginners often feel uncomfortable with but if you get serious you might want to consider it. Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing the right Mountain Biking Shoes. Read more.

Mountain Biking Armour Mountain Biking Armour
When you go mountain biking, you may encounter some injuries like bruises if in case you fall down. You can get arm and leg pads to protect your elbows, arms, knees, and legs in case of wipeout. Learn more about Mountain Biking Armor in this section.

Mountain Biking Padding Mountain Biking Padding
Depending on what type of mountain biker you are, you perhaps may need shorts with Padding. Paddings can keep your legs warm when it gets cold. There are also paddings specifically for women so be sure to buy the right kind. Read more about it here.

Mountain Biking Gloves Mountain Biking Gloves
Another type of Mountain Biking Clothes and Apparel that you can use are the Mountain Biking Gloves. Gloves can give protection to your hands. You use both hands when handling the bike and it can hurt if you have been biking for a long period of time. Read more about it here.

Mountain Biking Hydration Systems Mountain Biking Hydration Systems
Hydration is very important to an aerobic sport such as Mountain Biking. It is very important to hydrate yourself every 15 minutes. Water bottles will come in handy but it would be difficult for you to drink since your both using your hands. Find out more about Hydration Systems in this section.

Be sure to choose the right Mountain Biking Clothes and Apparel. Make sure that it does not only suit your preference but that it also functions well. Your clothes can help you feel comfortable when you ride the bike and at the same time, it can protect you from other things as well.

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