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Mountain Bikes - Frame Materials

Mountain Bikes - Frame Materials Through the years, Mountain Biking has grown, and grown, and grown. The number of Mountain Bikers has increased yearly. There are more and more Mountain Biking competitions each year at different parts of the world. More, Bikers, more competition, thus manufacturers spend time and money to improve materials used in Mountain Bikes. Technology in Mountain Biking has increased in lightning speed. Lightweight and durable is now the standard of Mountain Bikes. Anything less than this is mediocre. But of course, it really all depends on where you will be using your Mountain Bike. Here are some of the materials used in a Mountain Bike frame.

Steel Alloys were commonly used in first generation Mountain Bikes. Carbon-steel tubing is usually used in entry-level bikes. Though considered the heaviest of all materials, steel alloys offers inbuilt shock absorption and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio that can only be rivaled by titanium. Another advantage of steel alloy Mountain Bike Frames is that they are easy to repair.

Manufacturers have a wide range of Aluminum Alloys. Easton Aluminum, Alpha, Columbus, and Reynolds are names that are synonymous with these tubesets. Aluminum Alloys are lightweight, affordable, and has high resistance to corrosion which makes it easy to maintain. Aluminum is also easy to use in producing Mountain Bike Frames since it is easy to drawn into any shape. Aluminum frames also offer great rigidity, which is crucial in the construction of full-suspension Mountain Bikes. Lastly, Aluminum Alloys costs low to produce since aluminum oxide is one of the most abundant metals on earth.

Carbon-fibre and Kevlar are the two Composites most commonly used in Mountain Bike Frames. They have been proven to be a viable and successful frame and component material. Since they are made with a mould, they could be shaped, sized, and designed in whatever way the designer wants it to be. However, composites are irreparable, and react negatively to solvents and acids. Carbon-fibre frames may be costly but they are durable and light.

Often used by professional Mountain Biking Teams, Titanium is the highest quality of material one may choose. It is light but as strong as the most durable steel frame. It has resistance to corrosion and is exceptionally durable. However, all these assets come with a very high price tag.

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