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Mountain Bike Seat Height & Position

Mountain Bike Seat Height & Position Having the proper Mountain Bike seat height, as well as the right seat position, are keys for maximum pedaling efficiency, utmost riding comfort, and reduced risk of physical injury.

Setting the height and position of your seat is as easy as 1-2-3. The important thing to remember is that the size of your bike frame should suit your body size or length so that you can do the correct adjustments.

If you are purchasing a brand new bike, you can ask someone from the bike shop to help you make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise, you can adjust it yourself, but with the help of someone who is knowledgeable on Mountain Bikes so he or she can help you adjust your Mountain Bike seat to the right height and position.

Seat Height
The height of your bike should match the length of your legs. Getting the correct seat height is a matter of simple analogy. Start off by sitting on the saddle, with one of your feet on one pedal which is at the bottom of its stroke. Your seat is too high if your leg is perfectly straight, while your seat is too low if your knees are bent too much. In this case, simply adjust the bolt system located under your seat. Raise or lower your seat until you feel comfortable. Ideally, your knees should be bent at a 25-30 degree angle.

Seat Position
An effective way to find the correct seat position is by executing a normal riding position, with the pedals positioned parallel to the ground. Your seat is in the right position if your front knee is above the middle of the pedal. If it is not over it, this will cause knee pain. Regarding the seat angle, just keep your seat level or be titled a little forward. Tilting the seat down will push you to the handlebars, while tilting it back will drag your body down. Correcting your seat position and angle can be done by adjusting the bolt located near the top of the seat post.

Incorrect Mountain Bike seat height and position would definitely lead to discomfort, physical pain, and dismal performance. Adjust the height and position of your bike seat so you will be comfortable while riding your bike and improve your overall performance.

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